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Skilled Waterproofing Services

Effects of moisture

When excessive moisture is absorbed by your masonry, you can get unpleasant stains, molds or mildew. The continuous presence of moisture within the masonry will lead to deterioration of the structure.

How to correct the leaks

First, give us a call. We can repair the structure to make sure it won't leak again, or replace it if the damage is too severe to fix. We will give you a FREE estimate so you know the cost.

Preventing future leaks

We can help you prevent future leaks by providing you with any waterproofing service you need for your home, plus access to our wonderful cleaning products.

After We Have Waterproofed

You can get a variety of waterproofing services with Rome Masonry and Construction, LLC. We mainly provide exterior waterproofing for chimneys and masonry veneers.

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